You Can Become the New Proud Owner of:

You Can Become the New Proud Owner of:

You Can Become the New Proud Owner of:You Can Become the New Proud Owner of:You Can Become the New Proud Owner of:

The Alaskan Wall

 On November 11, 2001 I moved to the historic Iditarod Trail in South Central Alaska. Shortly t!hereafter, I began to build  a very sturdy fence comprised of many eight foot long boards imported from Canada. The fence has effectively kept meandering moose from eating the fruit trees within!  To honor a few friends and family members, I began to engrave their names on these boards, finalized with weather resistant varnish. Throughout the years many more trees have been planted, many more names have been added, and the fence is now called a wall, the Alaskan Wall!  And now, nineteen years later, there are two enclosures which provide protection for many trees and shrubs and provide a safe sanctuary for a large variety of migrating birds to nest and feed!  The non-profit organization called the Alaskan Gardens was established to protect these gardens, these trees, these birds and these names. We have also been effective in providing a safe home for kids  in need of such!  Your contribution to the Alaskan Gardens is appreciated, and we would be honored to include your name on the wall (the big fence)! Irregardless if you send us a contribution or not, you can still contribute by planting a tree, putting out a bird feeder and loving a child! Thanks for checking us out and make it a great day!


-G.B. Jones    


Become a part of Alaska's history!


Get   your name, or that of a loved one, permanently engraved and displayed  adjacent to the historic Iditarod Trail in Alaska - and help support a   positive environmental movement! Your special name will also be  displayed on the Alaskan Gardens website!

Leave Your Name in Alaska!

Have Your Name Engraved and Permanently Displayed in Alaska!


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